A Phone and a Skeleton in the Closet
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A Phone and a Skeleton in the Closet is the seventh story in chapter 34 of Sluggy Freelance, Kesandru's Well. Zoë is talking with her sister Min over the phone, talking about the events since the gang returned from the Never (though Min doesn't know what happened there). Gwynn got new glasses, Riff got a job with a cookie company and is seeing someone, and Torg is trying to renovate the house. And the gang forgot Donna in the closet, but find only Sam when they look. Donna got away safely.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, the Angel of Goodness tries to get rid of the only demon it cannot change, Terribus' wife Uglacia, by sending her to the surface. Quxxle uses the opportunity to trick Psyk, Reakk, Mosp, Isp and Osp to go along for the ride in secret.

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