Aylee vs Bun-bun
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Aylee vs. Bun-bun is the third story in chapter 4 of Sluggy Freelance, The Slug-Files. Bun-bun tries to bully Aylee into following his rules, but Aylee mistakes him for lunch and eats him. Though Torg has mixed feelings about this, he chastises Aylee. Bun-bun, however, bursts out of Aylee's chest unharmed, and the two begin to fight. Riff and Zoë rush into Torg's apartment due to the commotion, and Zoë gets a call from her mom. Aylee and Bun-bun fight each other to exhaustion, drawing the battle. Though Torg's apartment is trashed, the insurance company will cover the damages - thanks to Aylee.

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