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Slaughteresa goes to Monicruel's secret base with Hereti-Corp's data, but it turns out Torg, Riff, Sam, and Bun-bun are already there. We see a flashback explaining how Zoë convinced Zark to give them a map of Monicruel's base. They rescue Sasha, but it turns out she's been a Hereti-Corp agent the whole time, and she tries to kill Riff. Sasha leaves with the data, Team Nifty leaves with Teresa and Monicruel as hostages.

Due to a medical emergency, Pete was forced to drop to three-days-a-week for about six weeks during this story, just a few weeks before reaching 15 years of daily strips. Of course, that means this story also included the fifteenth anniversary comic, with Kiki doing the honors on the annual song.[1]

References Edit

  1. "Sluggy Freelance: 8/25/2012".

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