The Central Tower is the most prominent building in the streets of 4U City.

There is a gigantic DFA cannon mounted on top of it, used to repel outsiders, as well as residents considered a threat to internal stability when the judgement chutes are insuficcient.

Central Tower is residence to the leadership of 4U City.



This section blatantly gives away the mysteries and/or endings of the storylines 4U City Red.

If you haven't read some of those stories, then dude, before you go any further, go read them![1] This stuff will still be here when you're done.

You have been warned...

When Riff and Executive Rammer goes after His Masterness, Riff reveals that he figured out that the central tower was only recidency for the executives, not His Masterness himself.

The real location of His Masterness turns out to be the robotics facility.

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