The Demon Spear Calmadar.

The Demon Spear Calmadar is an elder demon spear of power, that transforms every mortal struck by it instantly into a demon of the dimension of Pain. It was found by Horribus during "The Hunter" story arc.

Calmadar looks like a glowing squid on a stick, but Horribus furiously denies that, even though Isp and Osp, as well as the halloween party guests refer to it as such.

There is a strong parallel between Calmadar, which turns mortals into demons, and the squid-on-a-stick invented by NoFun Corporation, which turns people into mutants.

During the story arc, Steve Uozin is struck by the spear and turned into a demon.

When the Dimension of Lame is invaded, the demon spear is used to turn some of the inhabitants into demons, one of the victims is that dimension's Riff.

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