Kron is a godling in Mokaduhn, son of the time-father Krohnus. His symbol is a rhombus, which signifies a diamond and a double pyramid.

In love with King Farahn´s favored wife Siphaniana, Kron enacts a plan to abduct the queen. He obtainds a magic necklace that transform her to the form of his race camel Shupid. "Shupid" is also the magic word that trigger the transformation.

In modern time, Zoë put on the necklace and find herself cursed to transform with the magic word, turning back on the word "Kwi". The necklace became a tatoo on her chest, impossible to remove.

The necklace was however removed when Zoë got DFA´ed into the Dimension of Rain.[1]

Afterwards Gwynn tried on the necklace in a drinking bout, which swapped her soul with that of queen Siphaniana.[2]

The symbol of Kron suggest that he is the spirit of the Book of E-Ville, whom Gwynn asked to protect her.[3]

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