The Mark 19 was a robot suit developed by Riff. Riff used the Mark 19 with Zoë to battle Oasis, and Hereti-Corp stole the designs of the Mark 19 to build their REA-1 suits (Robotic Exoskeleton Armor). In the Dimension of Rain, this lead to the development of the REA-5 suits for the REA-5 police force.

The development of the Mark 19 was apparently more problematic than the previous models, as models Mark VI to Mark 18 appear to have been failed prototypes.

Known features of the Mark 19:

  • Single-use jump Jets "Sluggy Freelance: 5/05/2009".
  • Weapons: Missiles, Advanced flame-thrower, Intelli-blades, Happy fun ball, Palm cannons, Strong robot arms, Sleep-chaff
  • Emergency DFA exit

The first appearance of the Mark 19: [1]

Preceded by the Mark V

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