Nana Avarre

Nana Avarre with camo teeth

Nana Avarre
Obsessive maniac
First appearance
Extreme dentistry
Nothing is real but pain

Nana Avarre, "the angsty dentist", is as mad as a hatter. She was first seen September 3, 2003.[1] She has strong sadistic tendencies, does not fear pain and does not use anaesthetics.

Avarre card

Nana Avarre dental reminder card

Besides dentistry, she has a few other useful skills, including knowing a guy who does plastic surgery[2], and hunting vampires (to collect their fangs). [3]


Nana Avarre has a dimensional parallel in the Dimension of Ghouls, Nana "Angsty" Avarre, who is one of the best pilots among the surviving humans.

In the Dimension of Rain, Riff freed Nana Avarre's parallel from the city in order to make an ally of her. She ended up being sent to the judgement chutes by REA-5 shortly afterwards.[4]


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