On The Run: Bun-bun's Black Ops Elves
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On The Run: Bun-bun's Black Ops Elves is the second story in chapter 20 of Sluggy Freelance, On the Run. On a tip from Neebler Elf Grahammy, Bun-bun takes over a group of Santa's Black Ops Elves to help with the search for Torg, Riff, and Aylee. However, by the time the elves find them, a photograph of Aylee has already given Bun-bun the location. When Bun-bun and his new team arrive in the Caribbean, the three are already gone.

The 3rd anniversary comic takes place during this chapter. It is one of two anniversary comics not sung to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (the tune is instead set to "Margaritaville").

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