On The Run: Dr. Crabtree
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On The Run: Dr. Crabtree is the third story in chapter 20 of Sluggy Freelance, On the Run. Dr. Crabtree, who has turned herself in a host of countless nanites is trying to hunt down Dr. Schlock with little success. After a run-in with Sam leaves her depowered, she sets her sights on Kiki, and starts to track her down (triggering some of Bun-bun's traps in the process). Meanwhile, Qaboos Al-Fin, a friend of Riff's father, has taken the fugitives in and paid for their tabs, but the Black Ops Elves still track them down. The gang still escapes, and plans an escape home. With some twists, they manage to board a plane (neither with tickets meant for them), but Qaboos Al-Fin is captured.

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