Chapter 60: Paradise
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Paradise is the 60th chapter of Sluggy Freelance. It picks up where bROKEN left off, and deals with the changes in everyone's lives after the events of the previous chapter.

*Kiki + Zombie Part 1*Edit

In which Kiki torments Zombie Head on a Stick.


In which Riff ends up in an alternate dimension where drugs are used to keep everyone happy.

*The Proof*Edit

In which Gwynn fights in a gladiatorial arena in this guest artist story written by T Campbell and illustrated by John Waltrip.


In which Torg and the other minions of the Minion Master attempt to steal a displacement drive vehicle from a criminal mastermind (sort of).

A 4U City ChristmasEdit

In which Riff celebrates Christmas in 4U City.

New Years at the Center of the EarthEdit

In which The Valley that Time Forgot Lost in the Center of the Earth, is rediscovered by Father Time.

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