Part III: A Game of Sandwiches
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Part III: A Game of Sandwiches is the third story in chapter 31 of Sluggy Freelance, Torg Potter and the Sorcerer's Nuts. Torg is challenged by Professor Snapekin to a Sandwich-making duel, and Homogenize Milktoast thinks that Snapekin wants to use this opportunity to steal the Sorcerer's Nuts. The trio tries to get them before Snapekin, but only finds an invisibility cloak, which they use to frame Snapekin with murder of Torg. Gandledorf is furious, but quickly becomes apologetic when it turns out that Torg isn't the Lastnameless One, Torg Potter. Snapekin is freed, and while Torg has no desire to ever return to Hoggelrynth, he encourages Homogenize's desire to find out about the real Torg Potter and You-Probably-Don't-Know-Who, Potter's mysterious nemesis.

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