The Pumpkinheaded King of Halloween became the patron of Halloween after Basphomy. The Pumpkinheaded King, a parody of Jack Skellington, is somewhat light-hearted in his terrorizing, as opposed to the cruel and more sinister Basphomy. The land of Halloween is separated from the rest of the world by the Obsidian Gate. As his name implies, the King's head is a constantly changing carved pumpkin, rendering him immune to weapons that slice and puncture (like switchblades and glocks, Bun-bun's weapons of choice), but leaves him prone to bludgeoning weapons, like Basphomy's mallet. He was the first intentional victim of Bun-bun's war against the holidays, but was restored to life when Bun-bun used the last Deus Ex Ovum. The Pumpkinheaded King of Halloween cared for Kiki for a few months, and proved himself to be the worst bedtime storyteller ever.

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