Six Pack

Six Pack is a member of alt-Torg's Resistance in the Dimension of Rain.


Six Pack is a fairly large man who bears a passing resemblance to Sam. His name is Six Pack because he claims he has six pack abs and because he's been on the happy-juice so long he's forgotten what his real name is[1]. He is pretty much the normal guy of the group, whereas Izzy runs the computers, Riff invents things, and alt-Torg plans the revolution, all Six Pack really does is the generic soldier work. When Riff attacked the Central Tower alt-Torg and Izzy stayed behind to provide logistics while Six Pack went into the field for direct observation[2]. Six Pack's first REA-5 is what Riff tested his jump-jets on, and was destroyed during the test[3].

Six Pack first appeared on March 30th, 2010.


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