Squintyhoyo is a member of the black ops elves[1].

Squintyhoyo is a member of Squishydodo's group, which goes renegade after Santa Claus is driven mad by his anger at Bun-bun. Bun-bun elists the groups aid in tracking down Aylee and her friends after they accidentally erase his collection of Baywatch tapes. Squintyhoyo and Slappyhoho locate them at an airport, but lose them when Aylee and Zoë steal their boarding passes.

When the elves return to the North Pole to answer a distress signal seemingly from Mrs. Claus, they find it infected by spore aliens. Squintyhoyo gets absorbed by the Alien Santa, which impersonates him to gain access to Dr. Scabmoreaueau's lab. He is later restored to life by the use of the Deus Ex Ovum.


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