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This article is about the story. For other uses, check your notes. Or just go to Teddy Weddy (character).

Teddy Weddy follows the main characters' search for a cute talking animal, and introduces Teddy Weddy as the next candidate. Teddy Weddy, however, is a large, violent bear (with a pink bow). Torg interviews the bear, and three times in a row Teddy Weddy snarls and asks "Do I get the @%$#*ing job or what?"

Torg hires Teddy Weddy, and Riff tells the bear to get rid of the old guy, referring to Bun-bun. Before the two fight, the representative from PETA returns, this time defending Teddy Weddy. Teddy Weddy eats the representative. Bun-bun emerges victorious by partially skinning the bear to make a small rug.

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