Terribus at his election campaign

Terribus is the brother of Horribus. He was introduced running for the Demon Lord office in the Dimension of Pain, against Re'akk after Horribus' was banished to the surface.

During the campaign it became known that Terribus had sold his soul to a mortal politician, a revelation that shocked the population in the Dimension of Pain. However, due to Reakk's incompetence, he still won the election. Indeed, a running joke in the comics is that Terribus is cruel and immoral EVEN by demon's standards.

During Terribus' cross-dimensional dealings with the mortal politicians, an angel was set loose to posess the demons of the dimension of Pain, and slowly transforming the dimension from one of pain to one of joy. Thanks to Deplora's and Horribus intervantion, things come back to "normal"

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