The Teknokon Graveyard is the home of Crazy Carver, a somewhat eccentric Carib about whom exist many stories, most of which are regarded as myths by the other inhabitants of Timeless Space. At one point, Crazy Carver was visited by Father Time, who had come to Timeless Space to visit his brother Uncle Time. For reasons not made clear, perhaps simply through his presence, Father Time gifted Crazy Carver with unlimited time. Crazy Carver's time bubble is very large, especially compared to the limited aura usually generated by a lone person. Additionally, the time composing it is "timelier time", which does not decay as quickly. Crazy Carver lived alone with the Teknokons he repaired for a long time, but at the end of Oceans Unmoving II the Drowned Rabbits began using his time-bubble as a base.

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