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The Wizard's Off To See Us... is the third story in chapter 34 of Sluggy Freelance, Kesandru's Well. The gang's creepy spirit landlord explains that the house is Kesandru's bid to return from the dead and escape from the Never, which is where they are. Torg was supposed to become Kesandru's new mortal body. Sam explains that he has been caught in the house since Halloween, feeding off Gwynn and pizza delivery girl Donna and controlling their minds. He says he caught a female spirit when the house "fell" into the Never, who was then snatched away by a monster. The spirit turns out to be Beth, and the "monster" turns out to be Mindy, a friend of Donna's who was killed at the Halloween party by Horribus's bathroom issues. Gwynn is revealed to have taken the Halloween money for herself, and she flees into her room. Sam is staked, Gwynn ponders the Book of E-Ville, and Riff and Torg solve their recycling problem by tossing their empty cans into the Never... which alerts certain inhabitants to their presence.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Horribus manages to trick Jerri and Steve Uozin into releasing him from service. When they try to make him their make-up artist for monsters, he shoves them down a cliff.

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