Book 2: Worship the Comic
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Worship the Comic is the second Sluggy Freelance book. Notable topics include the first visit to the Dimension of Pain and Aylee's first transformations.

Chapter 5: ValerieEdit

In which Sam goes missing and the gang meets Valerie
In which Bun-bun hijacks Riff's Robot and kills the Easter Bunny.
In which Torg gets entangled with someone's wife.

Chapter 6: Torg Goes to HellEdit

In which Torg winds up somewhere unpleasant.
In which Parallel Dimensions lead to hilarious mix-ups.

Chapter 7: Summer VacationEdit

In which Aylee goes through some changes
In which a road-trip goes horribly awry.
In which the gang hits the beach.
In which Bun-bun is trapped on a desert island
In which Aylee truly blossoms.

Chapter 8: VampiresEdit

In which things get serious.
In which a daring rescue is attempted and a great evil fought.

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